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Shark Tank SQUARE.jpg
Shark Tank SQUARE.jpg


APRIL 19, 2023

Our class of 2023 planters will be presenting their vision. This is your chance to get behind them!


Hosted by Restoration Church

1101 S Washington St, Denver, CO 80210


The first-ever Front Range Church Planting Network "Shark Tank" is your chance to get involved with church planting in a direct, personal and fun way. Don't miss it!



Wednesday, April 19


Restoration Church, Denver

1101 S. Washington, Denver, 80210


How it works

Up and coming church planters on the Front Range will give a 8-10 minute "pitch" on their new churches.

"Shark" Churches from across the Front Range will be listening to see if there are possible partnerships that could emerge.


What does partnering look like?

Our Shark Churches can give money to any, all or none of the presenting planters. They can decide how much money to give - no gift is too small. They may also choose to help in other ways - old sound equipment, supplies or a needed expertise would be examples.


How many planters?

Right now we have three confirmed but could have up to five.


How much money are we hoping to raise?

We're hoping to see around $100K given to these planters and would love your help!


FRCPN gets a share too

When a Shark Church makes a pledge to a church plant, 80 percent of that pledge goes to the church while the remaining 20 percent will go to the Front Range Church Planting Network. That helps us pay to keep doing this kind of thing!


What else?

Compassion International is providing a free lunch for us! Please SIGN UP BELOW if you haven't already!


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